Data-driven web3 investing with global impact

Hyperedge Capital is a data-driven investment firm supporting the best web3 projects in emerging markets. Our team has founded and led some of the most important blockchain projects in the world, and we leverage this background to provide unparalleled support to the companies in our portfolio.

Data Driven

As a team of builders, we created our own proprietary data platform to generate novel investment insights and provide real value and support to our founders. The suite of software tools we have developed allow us to collect granular data that are specifically relevant to web3 companies. Whether through evaluating social media engagement, analyzing on-chain data, or tracking code contributions, our data platform allows us to gain deep insights that traditional evaluation methods simply can’t achieve.

Founder Focused

Our team has founded and operated some of the most successful blockchain companies in the world. We know the challenges inherent in building category-defining web3 companies. Often, many projects have the right vision and focus to thrive but find themselves constrained by a lack of resources or connections. We at Hyperedge recognize that good ideas still need good execution. With this in mind, Hyperedge adopts a hands-on approach to investing, offering advisory, recruiting, PR/marketing, and auditing services (among others) to help our portfolio companies grow.

Emerging Markets

Blockchain development has spread across the globe, expanding far beyond traditional tech hubs like Silicon Valley. In the past few years, leading crypto infrastructures and major applications have sprung up all over the world, but for far too long, the VC industry has overlooked founders outside of traditional tech markets. At Hyperedge, we're empowering the next generation of emerging founders by investing in promising teams at the earliest stages, no matter their country of origin or background.


Where we invest

Decentralized Finance

Intermediaries and institutions play an important role in capital markets but their operations carry multiple downsides (e.x. - lack of transparency, slow settlement, inefficient pricing). We believe Defi will overcome the common problems of traditional finance.


Interoperability is essential for the mass adoption of blockchain technology. The ability for layer-1/layer-2 solutions to communicate with each other will be vital to ensure seamless transactions and information sharing can take place.


We believe the play-to-earn business model will revolutionize gaming similar to how free-to-play did in the past. As one of the first movers in the play-to-earn space, we see the potential for the X-to-earn business model to proliferate beyond gaming into the Metaverse world. 

NFT Consumerization

We have only just scratched the surface of possible NFT use cases. The new asset class is continuously evolving and becoming more interactive. We would like to explore the potential of NFTs beyond the worlds of gaming and collectibles.


An integral component of the metaverse is the ability to move digital assets like NFTs and tokens from one virtual world to another. We believe this will be the next frontier in gaming and commerce.

Creator Economy

The current creator economy is wrought with fundamental problems — traditional discovery, monetization, and data analysis solutions are inefficient and unwieldy. We see the potential for blockchain tech to disrupt these outdated systems for the better.