Investment Thesis

Decentralized Finance

Intermediaries or institutions play an important role in capital markets but have multiple downsides such as lack of transparency, slow settlement, and inefficient pricing. We believe Defi will overcome these problems commonly faced by traditional finance


Interoperability is essential for mass adoption of blockchain. The ability for layer-1/layer-2 solutions to communicate with each other will be vital for seamless transactions and sharing of information.

Play to Earn 

We believe the play-to-earn business model will be the next revolution in gaming after free-to-play. Play to earn and blockchain work hand in hand by rewarding players who add value to the gaming world with tokens or NFTs. It also gives players autonomy over their in-game assets. 


An integral component of the metaverse is the ability to move digital assets such as NFTs and tokens from one virtual world to another. We believe this will be the next frontier in gaming.

NFT Marketplaces

NFTs will continue to evolve and become more interactive. NFT marketplaces will similarly develop as creators find new ways to take ownership of their artwork and interact with their fans/clients.